learn About Washington's #1 Dark Beer

A Dark, Smooth Ale.

7.8% ABV

Quilter’s Irish Death is the namesake beer of Jim Quilter,  founder of Iron Horse Brewery.   This is malt focused brew – dark in color, deep in taste – defies those pesky style guidelines.

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Irish Death Becomes Year Round Beer

Greg and Gary Decide to Make Irish Death a Year Round Beer available on tap. 


Irish Death in 22oz Bottles

Irish Death gets some shiny new labels and becomes available in 22oz Bottles

May 2007

Irish Death Distributed in 5 States

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Montana

February 2014

12 oz 6 Packs Hit the Market

We put it in the can.  The 12oz Can

January 2016

The Death Family Series

The Death Family Series is Iron Horse Brewery’s newest line up of independent craft beer.  Inspired by the original granddaddy of them of all, Irish Death. This line up of malt-forward beers adds some wonderful flavor variants to the original.    Limited availability by season.  Draught and 6 Packs.


Inspired by Irish Death and our favorite sandwich spread.


Aloha World. We added cocunut to this spring/summer seasonal.


Your favorite Death alternative, just got a makeover.

your favorite sandwich spread in beer form

PB & Death

6.53% ABV

PB & Death takes the flavor profile from your favorite sandwich spread and combines it with rich, chocolaty malts.  The result is a playfully sweet brew with notes of dark toast and roasted peanuts.  Happy Snacking!

The Skull

The Peanuts

The Logo

The Six Pack

Available January – April

because coconut.

Aloha Death

6.56% ABV

Aloha Death is a dark smooth ale brewed with coconut and inspired by Irish Death. This brew’s malt forward profile brings the tropics to you with hints of coconut and chocolate. Please enjoy our take on that sweet aloha spirit.

The Skull

The Coconut

The Logo

The Six Pack

Available May – August

THe PNW FAvorite ingredients

Mocha Death

7.5% ABV

Mocha Death is what happens when you take PNW favorites – Coffee, Chocolate, and Irish Death – and combine them into one delicious, malt-forward ale. Moderately sweet, with low bitterness this brew is for those who can’t decide between coffee or beer. We say, why choose?

The Skull

The Coffee Beans

The Logo

The Six Pack

Available September – December

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